Friday, March 12, 2010

First Blog Post - Current Update

Here´s the quick update on the last 7 months in Carissaland:

I met up with my friend Amberley in South America in August with the intention of spending 2 months snowboarding in the Andes Mountains and then heading back home to the States to go back to work. 

Obviously, I did end up snowboarding for 2 months - and it was awesome to say the least - but, when it came time to go home, i just couldn´t leave. So, Amberley flew home to Australia and I stayed; I guess it was time I learned to be tough-skinned and travel on my own. So, I changed my plane ticket and decided to stay in South America until Christmas. I left my snowboard bag with a friend in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and headed for the beach in Chile.

I spent the next 2 months surfing and treking through Chile and Peru and had an amazing time. But when Christmas came near, I knew that, once again, I wasn´t ready to go home yet. There was just too much more that I wanted to do in South America. So, I went home for Christmas for 3 weeks to see the fam and visit friends and then flew right back to South America.

And so the adventures continue...


  1. I agree Carissaland is much better than the real world. Keep traveling and doing what you love. Plenty of time for reality later in life. Pura Vida!

  2. I want to visit you in Carissaland!